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As schools and educators increase their use of online learning, Experiences Canada is offering a fun, engaging activity that will connect young people to each other. It will encourage them to discover the diverse history, geography, languages, cultures and ways of life that shape their communities and our country. Virtual Exchanges can support social studies, language, and creative studies curricula from Grades 7-12, as well as second language learning.

In addition to our typical pairing of two schools or youth groups, in recognition that many youth are studying independently at home this year, Experiences Canada is also offering an option for youth to apply individually and be twinned with other individual youth in Canada.

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How it works

Classes/youth will be twinned together based on age level, shared goals and objectives for the program. Groups who have other connections across the country can ask to be paired together. Each group will have the opportunity to choose from up to six different activity units. A minimum of four (4) units should be completed for groups wishing to be preapproved for an in person exchange next year (or when it is safe to do so).  However, there is no obligation to travel in the future, groups can choose to be virtual participants only.

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